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Vishnu – The Preserver and the Supreme God

Vishnu according to Hindu philosophy is one of the most important deities. He is part of the Holy Trinity along with Shiva and Brahma and is the Supreme most being. He is known as the sustainer of Cosmos. He is the super soul which is present in everything that is there in this Universe. He lives on the planet of Vaikuntha along with his eternal consort Lakshmi. Whenever there is an imbalance in the cosmos, Vishnu intervenes to strike a balance. Vishnu descends on earth as different. Avatars whenever the Earth goes out of balance. He descends to uphold Dharma or righteousness and teaches mankind to follow the path of righteousness and dharma. Although he has multiple incarnations the most famous are the ten or Dashavatara. These ten avatars are born in different Yugas or periods. Each avatar is born with the purpose to reduce demonic or negative forces and create a heavenly order on Earth once again.

Lord Vishnu in most of the scriptures is shown lying in the bed of the cosmic ocean. He is shown in a deep meditative state with his eyes closed. Goddess Lakshmi his consort is shown sitting next to him. The divine snake Sheshnag who is known to carry all the Universes on his head is shown on top of Vishnu’s head. Lord Brahma is shown sprouting from Vishnu's naval and seated on a lotus. Some scriptures suggest that the whole Universe is nothing but a fragment of the imagination of Vishnu. While others suggest that we are part of him and he exists in everything that exists. Lord Vishnu is known by several names like Narayan, Vasudeva, Govinda Keshava, etc. Through his different Avatars, he shows different personas and different ways of leading life on Earth. Even nine planets in our Solar system are known to be his manifestation. As Rama, he is the Sun, and as Krishna, he is the moon. Though there are thousands of incarnations the most famous are the Dashavatara.

  • Matsya Avatar – This is 1st incarnation where Vishnu manifested as a Divine fish and guided king Manu and other different species to safety during the great floods when the entire earth submerged underwater. Vishnu plays the role of planet Ketu here as this planet represents letting go of the past and new beginnings

  • Kurma Avatar – This is the second avatar where Vishnu manifested as a turtle during the famous Samudra Manthan. The Devas and Rakshashas together churned the milky ocean for the nectar of immortality or Amrit. This Avatar is related to planet Saturn as Saturn is fair and impartial to everyone

  • Varaha Avatar – This is the third avatar where Vishnu incarnated as a boar and saved earth from the clutches of demon Hirankashyapa. Prithvi or Earth was held captive and sent to Patal Lok. She was completely submerged underwater. This is when Vishnu came to help. He lifted her and placed her back in her original place. This avatar is related to Rahu. Rahu holds the power to save this Universe.

  • Narasimha avatar -This is the fourth avatar where Vishnu incarnated as a lion-man to save his devotee Prahalad from his father Hirankashipu who was a Rakshasa. Hirankashipu could not tolerate his son's love and devotion for Vishnu. He became so furious that he decided to kill his son. This is when Vishnu appeared as Narasimha and saved Prahlad by killing his demonic father. This avatar is related to Mars or Mangala because of his fiery nature

  • Vamana Avatar – This was Vishnu’s avatar as a dwarf Brahmin boy Vamana who was born to teach demon Bali a lesson. Vamana expanded infinitely and pushed Bali back to Patal Lok. This avatar is related to planet Jupiter because of its expansive nature

  • Parshurama – This was Vishnu's warrior sage avatar where he wiped off the entire Kashtriya clan as they were misusing their powers. This avatar is related to Venus or Shukra. Shukra being the guru of rakshasas held the power to transform the negative energy of the demons into something positive.

  • Rama – Vishnu as Rama was born to save the Earth from the clutches of demon Ravan. Rama was the epitome of righteousness. He was a Suryavanshi. Rama avatar is related to Sun because of its perfection and righteousness.

  • Krishna – Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. As Krishna, Vishnu portrayed aspects like beauty, grace, and love. Krishna was a Chandravanshi and is related to the moon

  • Buddha- This is Vishnu’s avatar as Gautama Buddha. As Buddha Vishnu's guided us to the path of enlightenment. This avatar is related to Budh or Mercury and displays aspects of intelligence and intellect

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