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Hello and welcome to MYSTICADII.

We are glad to see that you have taken the time to stop by and know more about us. MysticAdii is a brainchild of our founder Ms. Aditi Das. Being spiritually inclined  she wanted to share the same with the whole world. 

We aim to bring back the magical stories about Gods and Goddesses of this world for our modern mystics. Anyone who is seeking for spiritual contentment and is curious to know more about the knowledge and wisdom shared through our ancient scriptures and texts, Mysticadii is the right place for him/her. 

We aim to empower our modern mystics by sharing ancient wisdom through several short stories and folklore. Mystics from across the world have time and again showed us a very different reality and their perception of this world. Several ancient scriptures and texts have been written to provide ideological guidance to humans. However, most of the knowledge has been lost somewhere. Considering modern times people hardly get time to go through these elaborate scripts. These scriptures are nothing less than a fortune hidden in some ancient cave. Sooner we have access to this knowledge, the better we are equipped to lead our lives here on this planet. 

Our mission is to empower people with this lost treasure through short stories on various spiritual and metaphysical topics. 

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