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The Divine Sound: The Discovery of Om

In a faraway land, filled with big trees and singing birds, there was a kind and wise old man named Devadatta. Every morning, he would sit quietly and close his eyes to listen to the sounds around him—the birds, the wind, and the rustling leaves.

Devadatta loved the sound "Om" so much that he decided to teach everyone how to say it. He told them that saying "Om" could make their hearts feel light and happy.

So, he taught his friends and anyone who visited him to sit quietly, close their eyes, and say "Om." When they did, they felt the magic too—like a warm, glowing light in their hearts.

From then on, the sound of "Om" filled the forest. Everyone, young and old, loved to make the special sound together. They all felt happy and close to each other, like a big family.

Story Lesson:

The story of Devadatta and the sound "Om" teaches us that some sounds are magical and can make us feel happy and peaceful inside. Just like a loving hug or a beautiful day.

A Little Thought for You:

Remember, little one, whenever you feel sad or scared, you can sit quietly, close your eyes, and say "Om." Imagine it filling you with a warm light, making everything feel just right.

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