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Mohini - The Divine Enchantress

Mohini - the divine enchantress and the only female avatar of Lord Vishnu!!! As the legend goes Samudra Manthan is one of the most important stories narrated in Bhagvat Purana and Vishnu Purana. Lord Indra ( God of the Heaven) had been cursed by sage Durvasa upon showing disrespect to the gift of the garland given by him to Indra. Enraged rishi cursed Indra and all the Gods to be devoid of all the pleasures and fortune and also their immortality. Upon getting weakened due to this curse the Gods were defeated by the Demons and the Universe was in danger because of this. Fear stricken gods visit Lord Vishnu for assistance. Lord Vishnu asks them to churn the ocean of milk along with the help of demons since it was a very tough act and required a lot of strength and vigour.. Only upon the churning the Gods were to get all that they had lost. The most important was Amritha ( nectar of immortality). A sip of this divine nectar could restore immortality back among the Gods. The Demons also agreed to help the Gods as even they desired the nectar. However Lord Vishnu knew that if the demons got hold of the nectar there would chaos and destruction forever. After Amritha emerged out of the sea the Demons attacked the Gods and got hold of the nectar. This is when Lord Vishnu took an avatar as Mohini the enchantress and seduced the Demons to an extent that they agreed to give away the nectar to her. Mohini made all the Gods and Demons sit opposite to each other and started pouring them one by one. She conned the Demons and made them drink regular water and gave the entire Amritha to the Gods and restored balance in the Universe again.

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