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Kalki avatar – The final avatar

Kalki is the tenth and the final Vishnu avatar who will descend on Earth at the end of Kali-yuga, the present iron age we are living in. Time on Earth has been divided into four yugas by ancient Indians. These are Sat yuga, Treta yuga , Dwapar yuga and Kali yuga. Of all the four yugas kali yuga or the iron age runs for four lakh thirty-eight thousand years During this age the intellect of human beings is at the lowest. People in this age completely forget their godly nature and are blinded by the illusion of material reality. They stay away from spiritual practices and immerse themselves in greed anger and other negative emotions. Lord Vishnu the preserver or sustainer of this cosmos descends on Earth during every age. He establishes dharma again and then leaves for his heavenly abode. Kalki will be his final avatar who will mark the end of Kaliyuga and establish Sat yuga on Earth again. Some believe that Kalki will be born in 2025 AD. While others believe that there is still time for him to arrive. We have crossed five thousand years in Kaliyuga which is four lakh thirty-eight thousand years old. Since Kalki will arrive at the end of this Yug there is still a lot of time left.

Scriptures suggest that he will be born in a village named Samhala and his parents will be Vihnuyasa and Sumati. At the age of nineteen, he will marry Padmavati incarnation of Lakshmi. He will strike war against barbarians and thieves and ultimately kill all of them. He will be a popular figure across the world. He will come on his white horse named Devadatta. He shall carry a sword with him. Kalki will enjoy a huge sect of followers and will be surrounded by spiritual and religious people.

The world-famous astrologer Nostradamus who has predicted world events up to 3000 AD has also mentioned Kalki in his books. He has mentioned a very popular person who will strike war against corrupt barbarians. This person will celebrate Thursday as a holy day. He shall be very popular in Asia and Europe.

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