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Rameshwara Jyotirlinga

Rameshwara Jyotirlinga is one of the twelve sacred lingams where Lord Shiva manifested into physical reality. The formless took a form in these sacred spots to honor the love and devotion of his devotees. This Linga was made by none other than the blue God Lord Vishnu himself. Vishnu in his avatar as Lord Rama built this linga. The demon Ravana had captured Rama’s wife Sita and kept her as a prisoner in the island of Lanka. Rama with the help of Hanuman and king Sugriva’s vanarsena had come to know of Sita’s whereabouts. Lanka was an island and was situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Reaching Lanka was almost an impossible task and Rama was clueless on how to make his entire army reach there. This is when he realised that he needed Shiva’s help. He sat on the seashore and made a linga out of the sand He started worshipping Shiva with utmost devotion until Shiva sprang out from the Linga. Rama asked for help and guidance for him and the army to reach Lanka. With Shiva’s guidance and Ocean god Varuna’s help, they could now construct the RamaSetu bridge and cross the ocean. Rama requested Shiva to keep his presence alive in that holy spot for the future devotees. This was Rameshwara Jyotirlinga.

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