Hanuman - The Sage Warrior

We all know the great Lord Hanuman who played a very vital role in Ramayana. Hanuman was the son of Vayu (the Lord of Wind) and Anjana ( a celestial nymph). Anjana had managed to enrage a sage who went ahead and cursed her that she would turn into a monkey. However, when Anjana begged for forgiveness the sage calmed down and said that she would regain her original form once she bears a child as the child would take her form and that is how Lord Hanuman was born. Hanuman was born with extraordinary powers. One day when he was a child he saw the Sun and wanted to catch hold of it and play with it. So he jumped onto the sky to get hold of the fireball. On seeing this Indra (the God of Thunder and Rain) tried to stop him and threw his Vajra (Indra's weapon) on him. Wounded because of this Hanuman fell onto the ground. Upon seeing this the enraged father Vayu went on a strike as he wanted Indra to be punished for his action. The world started suffocating and the Gods knew that they had to placate Vayu. To please him the Gods showered Hanuman with divine boons. Brahma blessed him with immortality and Varuna (the God of the ocean) blessed him with protection against water. Agni (the God of fire) blessed him with protection against fire and Surya (the Sun God) blessed him with the power to change his size and form as per his wish. Finally, Vishwakarma (the Divine architect) blessed Hanuman with a boon that would protect him against everything created in this Universe.

However, all these powers were hidden from Hanuman.

Hanuman wanted to study under Surya the God of the Sun as Surya was the most knowledgeable in the Universe. Surya was reluctant and told him that since he keeps moving from one place to another it shall be difficult for Hanuman to study under his guidance. However, Hanuman was devoted and sincere. He decided to travel with Surya and learn from him. Plea