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Dhruv Tara

One less well-known story from the Vishnu Purana is the story of King Dhruva. King Dhruva was a young prince who was overlooked and neglected by his father, the King. He was told by his mother that if he wanted to be recognized and respected, he should go and find Vishnu and ask for his blessings. Dhruva left his palace and went into the forest to meditate and find Vishnu. He practiced severe austerities for many months, and Vishnu was pleased with his devotion. Vishnu appeared before Dhruva and granted him a place as the Pole Star, which would be forever unchanging and shining in the sky, and also blessed him with immortality and wealth. Dhruva's story is known as the embodiment of devotion and single-minded determination towards god.

The Pole Star or Dhruva Nakshatra is a star located at the celestial North Pole, which stays fixed at a single point in the sky and is used as a reference point for is said that Dhruva's devotion and determination were so strong that it was able to move the very stars in the sky, and that is how he came to be the Pole Star.

Dhruva's devotion to Vishnu was pure and selfless and this is what pleased Vishnu and made him grant the boon of being the pole star. The story teaches that devotion and single-minded determination towards God will be rewarded, even if the goal seems impossible. It also teaches that devotion to God is not restricted to any particular caste, class, or age and is accessible to everyone.

Additionally, the story of King Dhruva also emphasizes the importance of devotion in the attainment of spiritual goals and liberation. The story is also used to illustrate the importance of self-control, perseverance, and determination in the pursuit of spiritual goals.

It is also a reminder that even someone who is young, like Dhruva, and seemingly insignificant can achieve great things with devotion and determination.

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