Aditi - Mother of The Gods

Goddess Aditi is an ancient Vedic Goddess. In the Vedic literature she is referred to as the Cosmic mother and is the female counterpart of Lord Brahma. She is known as the divine mother of all gods and a Guardian to the Cosmos. In some scriptures she also mentioned as the Goddess of sky and consciousness. She is all-pervading and beyond time and space. The most prominent aspect of her is her motherhood. She is prominently known as the mother of supreme gods like Sun, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra. The 12 Adityas (Demigods) are born from Aditi. Now let us understand her story in detail

According to Hindu Purana at the beginning of creation, Lord Brahma had sent his son Daksha on Earth to propagate life. Daksha married Queen Prasuti (daughter of Manu) and together had 60 divine daughters. Goddess Aditi was one among them. She had many sisters like Sati, Khyati, Diti, Rohini, Vijaya, etc. Sage Kashyap (one of the Saptarishis) went on to marry 13 of these sisters. Aditi and Diti were also among them. Kashyap and Aditi together had 33 sons who were the 12 Adityas,11 Rudras,8 Vasus, and 2 Ashwin Kumara (Ashwin Kumara in some scriptures are replaced by Indra and Prajapati.) Lord Vishnu in his Vamana avatar was also born to Aditi and Kashyap. She is also referred to as the mother of Lord Krishna in the form of Devaki. Aditi’s sister Diti is the source and mother of all Demons. Diti was insecure and jealous and wanted the Demons to be treated equally as the Gods.

In some other scriptures Aditi has been mentioned as the source of everything that exists today. Before creation the Universe existed inside Aditi’s womb. Aditi also refers to freedom and someone who is boundless and cannot be tied. Anyone seeking ultimate freedom worships Aditi as she can free the devotee from his or her misery. Like other Gods and Goddesses, Aditi also has her mount and she flies across the Universe on a Pheonix which symbolizes strength and power. She along with her son Varun are known to be the Guardian of Cosmic moral order and are upholders and righteousness and honesty.

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