Vishwakarma - The Divine Architect

Architects play a very crucial role in this world. They are the ones behind all the beautiful concrete creation mankind has ever witnessed. Just like architects plan and design buildings, there is an intelligent creative mind behind all the creation in the Universe. Vishwakarma is known to be the divine architect who is behind the planning and creation of the cosmos. His role is very similar to Lord Brahma. In fact, in the earlier texts, he is the one known as the ultimate creator. In later scriptures, his position is diluted as Brahma gains popularity and he is known to be the designer of all celestial weapons and divine cities like Heaven, etc.

According to certain scriptures, Vishwakarma is the son of Brahma while other scriptures suggest that he is swayambhu (self-created). According to Vedic texts, Vishwakarma is the creative power that resides among all the Gods. The world according to Hinduism is divided into 4 Yugas. Lord Vishwakarma has built different cities, weapons, etc. during all 4 Yugas.

Sat Yuga - Vishwakarma built the city of Gods and Goddesses Swarga Lok during this era. He also created Sudarshan Chakra for Vishnu, Trishula for Shiva, Vajra for Indra, and other divine celestial weapons during this period. Another story of Shiva and Parvati mentions his work. Lord Vishwakarma was the one to plan the grand wedding of Shiva and Parvati. He created a duplicate of Vaikuntha Lok (abode of Vishnu) Swarga Lok (City of Gods) Kailash (abode of Shiva) in the Himalayas to ensure that all the Gods who were invited for the wedding feel at home during their stay in the Himalayas. After the wedding, some stories suggest that Shiva instructed Vishwakarma to build a beautiful castle for Parvati as a wedding gift. Vishwakarma made the most beautiful castle which was made of gold. Shiva then asked Ravana to conduct the ritual of Griha Pravesh for them as he was a priest. After the puja, Shiva asked Ravana to demand anything from him as Dakshina. Ravana was the biggest devotee of Shiva. He asked Shiva to shift his castle down south so that he could live near Shiva. Shiva agreed to shift the castle however refused to shift his home from Kailash.The city of Alkapuri where Kubera lived after becoming the Lord of wealth was built by Vishwakarma. The city Shradhavati where Lord Varuna (God of Ocean) stays was also built by him.

Treta Yuga - During this era it is believed that Vishwakarma built Lanka. Lanka was built because Lord Kubera (God of wealth) wanted to build a vacation spot for Gods on Earth. He wanted to build something similar to the heavens so that Gods don't miss their home when they are traveling to Earth. However, Lanka was snatched forcibly by Ravana (Kubera's half brother). The Pushpak Vimana was also designed by Vishwakarma for Kubera which was later taken by Ravana.

Dwapar Yuga - During this era, Vishwakarma created the city of Dwarka at Lord Krishna's request. After killing Kansa Krishna shifted the residents of Mathura to Dwarka as Mathura had become an unsafe spot.

Kali Yuga - This city of Hastinapur was built during this era. Hastinapur was the capital of Kauravas. After the epic war of Mahabharata Pandavas took over and started residing there. Indraprastha (Now Delhi) is also a creation of Vishwakarma. It was a city ruled by Pandavas before Mahabharata.

Vishwakarma is known to be the ancestor of all the architects, carpenters, smiths. It is also a caste in India. Vishwakarma puja is celebrated every year on September 17th. Hindus worship different types of machinery on this day. Devi Gayatri is known to be the wife of Vishwakarma.

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