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Time Travel - A myth or reality

Time Travel – A myth or reality? We all have watched movies taking us to the future like the Time Machine. In movies like Interstellar we have seen concepts of time dilation and relativity. The movie shows how time is running differently in different planets. The theory of relativity by Einstein also proposes that Time is relative. However do we know that one of the oldest stories on Time relativity comes from our own Hindu epic Mahabharata.

The story revolves around Princess Revati who was the daughter of King Kakudmi who ruled Kusasthali which was a kingdom under water. The King despite all his efforts was unable to find the perfect groom for his beautiful daughter. Saddened by the grief the daughter father duo decide to visit Lord Brahma in Brahmaloka. When they visit Brahma and explain him their grievances Lord Brahma laughs at their foolishness and tells them that his entire generation has been wiped out on earth and even his great grandsons are probably dead. 27 chatur yugas had passed on Earth during the time they waited in Brahmaloka as Time runs differently on different planes of existence.In the Puranas we find the following description of Time

One human year ie 365 days is one day for the Divine..Uttarnarayana being the day (1st 6 months) and Dakshin narayana the night (the latter half). 365 human years make 1 Divine year. The Kali Yuga lasts for 1200 Divine Years (1200*365 = 4 lakh 38 thousand Human years). The Dwapar Yuga – The period of Mahabharata lasts for 2400 Divine Years (8 lakh 76 thousand Human Years). The Treta Yuga – The period of Ramayana lasts for 3600 Divine Years (13 lakh 14 thousand Human years) and the Sat Yuga (Period of King Harish Chandra lasts for 4800 Divine years (17 lakh 52 thousand Human years). Together all the four Yugas ie 12000 Divine years or 43 lakh 80 thousand Human years make 1 Chatur Yuga.12 million divine years mark one day of Lord Brahma 🙂

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