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The Seduction of Vrinda

We spoke about Jalandhara - the demon son of Shiva in my last post. He was the ruler of the three worlds for many kalpas.He was also married to demon princess Vrinda who was a very pious lady. Everything was perfect and good as Jalandhara was a great ruler but the devas had a tough time during his reign. They were no more than slaves and had no powers. They went to Lord Vishnu and asked him to defeat Jalandhara so that they could rule again. Vishnu agreed to fight him.However Jalandhara was no ordinary demon. Such were his powers and strength that he defeated Vishnu in battle and as a result Lord Vishnu along with his consort Lakshmi had to stay with Jalandhara in his kingdom. Things became worse for the devas and they knew only Shiva could save them. They approached Rishi Narada for help who then planned a conspiracy against Jalandhara.He went to his court and with all praises for him, Narada told Jalandhara that undoubtedly he was the most powerful spirit in this world and that he had everything expect a wife like Uma (Lord Shiva's consort). Narada was successful in instigating Jalandhara against Shiva as the emotion of lust had blindfolded him. All that Jalandhara wanted was Uma by his side.

Jalandhara decided to attack Shiva and get Parvati to marry him after the defeat . The battle between Shiva and Jalandhara lasted for several centuries. It was indeed difficult for Shiva also to kill Jalandhara. He enjoyed the boon of invincibility and nothing in this universe could destroy his supremacy. There was only one way by which he could be defeated which is if Vrinda his wife's chastity is violated.Only if Vrinda decided to cheat on Jalandhara with another man he could loose his powers. Uma decided share the same with Vishnu and now Vishnu went to Vrinda disguised as Jalandhara. Vrinda was overwhelmed to see her husband come back victorious from war with Shiva. She never thought he will win against Mahadeva. Vrinda let Vishnu in and hence unknowingly cheated on Jalandhara. This took all the powers away from Jalandhara and he was killed by Mahadeva henceforth.

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