Shiva - The First Yogi

The Supreme power and the God of yogis and also a passionate lover of his spouse. He is the ultimate Man and his consort Shakti is the ultimate Woman. Shiva is Shakti and Shakti is Shiva!! Their love story marks the origin of creation and is the 1st love story of the Cosmos!! Love is only possible when you drop the mind and if you drop the mind.. Not only love but God is also possible since Love is God!! You must have seen Lingam. It's is Shiva's symbolic representation as phallus. It is not only the lingam but also the yoni. It is both man and into woman, it is sun into moon. It is the male meeting the female. It is yin and yang in deep sexual embrace. This is the indication of how the inner man meets with the inner woman, because the inner has no face. Once you are in tune with your inner woman and man, suddenly you are in tune with others also. An inner conflict exists in you between sun and moon, then you will always be interested in the outer woman. If you are a man, you will be interested in the outer woman; you will be fascinated by the outer woman. If you are a woman, you will be fascinated by the outer man. Once the inner conflict is resolved and your sun energy is moving into the moon energy and there is no longer any rift, they are bridged; then you will not be fascinated by the outer woman or outer man. For the first time you will be sexually content.

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