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Mercury (Budha) – The Lord of Intellect

The planet of Mercury is the closest to the Sun and is known as Budha is the Lord of planet mercury. Budha was born to Chandra, the Lord the Moon. Chandra the moon God was very good-looking. His personality attracted Tara who was the wife of Brihaspati. the lord of Jupiter and the chief Guru of all the Gods. Tara and Chandra were madly in love and hence eloped together. Brihaspati could not bear the embarrassment and hence isolated himself from all the Gods. Brihaspati being the chief priest and Guru was needed to be present for all spiritual activities. The Gods declared war against Chandra. They forced Tara to go back to her husband's house. Tara was helpless and decided to go back. However, after coming back Brihaspati realized that she was pregnant and was carrying Chandra's child in her womb. This child was Budha. After his birth, Brihaspati sent him to Chandraloka, and Budha was raised by Chandra's wife Rohini. In other versions, Indra, the king of Heaven instructed Brihaspati to raise Budha under his guidance. In other versions, furious Brihaspati cursed Budha to be born with both genders. Hence Budha is sometimes depicted as a man and sometimes as a woman in scriptures. Since Budha was born out of wedlock he hated Chandra. This hatred can be seen in Vedic astrology as well where mercury is always hostile towards the moon. Later in life married Ila, the transgender child of Manu and Shraddha. Ila was also cursed to live like a man and a woman simultaneously. Ila changed gender every month. As a man, he was known Sudyumna and as a woman he was Ila. Sudyumna would live with Budha as his chief disciple and Ila would live with Budha as his wife. Soon Budha and Ila gave birth to a son named Pururavas. Pururavas was the founder of the Chadravanshi dynasty (The lunar dynasty kings).

Budha is also one of the Navagraha deities and controls the aspect of intellect in our lives. He is the planet of communication and business. The color green is associated with him and the day of Wednesday is auspicious for his worship. Positively placed Mercury makes one intelligent and witty and also a confident communicator.

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