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Jalandhara – Demon son of Shiva

Kartikeya and Ganesha are the two sons of Shiva and Parvati known to the world however Shiva also had a son named Jalandhara born from the fire of his third eye. So let us know him better.

Once Indra and Brihaspati were on their way to Kailasa to meet Mahadeva.

On their way, they found a naked rishi who blocked their way. This enraged Indra who arrogantly asked him to leave their path. Indra even tried to attack the rishi who was Lord Shiva himself. This enraged Shiva and the rage oozed out like fire from his third eye. Before that fire could burn Indra, he prostrated before the Lord begging for forgiveness. His gesture calmed the Lord and he threw that fire which had sprung out of his eye into the ocean as that fire could destroy the whole universe. A splendid boy was born from that fire in the lap of the ocean. The little boy was invincible and his cry could shake the entire universe. When the other Gods came to know about him they decided to see the boy. Lord Brahma read the lines in the child’s palm and got to know that the child was so powerful that he will one day defeat Lord Vishnu and even Shiva will find it difficult to kill him. The child will rule all the three worlds and will be the king of Asuras. Brahma could not find whose child he was as those lines were missing but he also declared that the child will have an exquisite wife and her virtue will make him invincible. The child was named Jalandhara and he grew up to be the most powerful Demon emperor and ruled the Universe for thousands of years. He was married to Princess Vrinda who was a very chaste lady. Jalandhara was an excellent ruler and protected his people regardless of race and kind. However, during his reign the devas were no more than his slaves and they fervently prayed to Shiva to release them from the Demon’s yoke.

In the next post, we shall discuss about how Jalandhara was defeated. Keep reading!!.

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