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"Budham Saranam Gachami"

is a mantra in the Pali language, which is a sacred language of Buddhism. It is a form of devotion or worship, and is typically used in Buddhist chants or prayers. The mantra can be translated to mean "I take refuge in the Buddha." The word "Buddha" refers to the historical figure of Siddhartha Gautama, who attained enlightenment and became a teacher of Buddhism. By taking refuge in the Buddha, one is expressing a desire to follow his footsteps and also to find guidance and protection in the teachings of Buddhism. It is one of the traditional Buddhist mantra, this phrase is also known as the "Three Refuges" which is the foundation of Buddhism, the three refuges are the Buddha, the dharma (teaching), and the sangha (community of practitioners).

Reciting "Budham Saranam Gachami" is a way for practitioners to express their commitment to the Buddhist path and to seek protection and guidance from the Buddha. It is a reminder to follow the teachings of the Buddha, which are said to lead to enlightenment and the end of suffering. Reciting this phrase is also believed to cultivate positive qualities such as wisdom, compassion, and inner peace. It can be used as a way to focus the mind during meditation, or as a way to begin or end a formal practice session. In traditional Buddhist practice, the recitation of the Three Refuges is often accompanied by prostrations, which are a physical gesture of respect and humility. This can be done by bowing down to the ground and touching one's forehead to the floor. While the mantra "Budham Saranam Gachami" is most commonly associated with Theravada Buddhism, it is also used in other forms of Buddhism such as Mahayana and Vajrayana. In summary, "Budham Saranam Gachami" is a mantra that is used as a form of devotion and worship in Buddhism, expressing a desire to take refuge in the Buddha and follow his teachings, seeking guidance and protection on the path to enlightenment. It is often used in meditation or in formal practice sessions and accompanied by physical gestures of respect and humility.

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